Company services

Seismo-Shelf Ltd. offers a wide range of geophysical services related to the ocean bottom seismic surveys in the water areas including those involving self-developed equipment.

In particular, our company is ready to carry out quickly and accurately the following operations:

  • Ocean bottom seismic surveys offshore using common depth point reflection technique to obtain high quality multicomponent seismic data

  • Wide-azimuth marine operations using common depth point reflection technique

  • Operations using refraction/reflection seismic technique with simultaneous recording the reflected, refracted and converted waves on extra-long reception lines

  • Operations in shallow waters, river areas and transition zones, obtaining seamless land/sea sections including engineering surveys in these zones

  • Operations in the water areas with developed infrastructure, active fishery, complex seabed topography

  • Seismic monitoring of marine fields under development

  • Supervision of seismic operations in the water areas

  • Geophysical data processing and interpretation

  • Physical modeling of seismic processes in different medias