Dense Seismic on the Seafloor

"Seismo-Shelf" is a Russian geophysical company specialized in innovative methods of seismic and engineering surveys.

Over the past five years, "Seismo-Shelf" completed over 20 different projects characterized by various level of complexity, both for the leading Russian companies as well as in the framework of international projects.


Our company provides seismic surveys on the continental shelf, in transit zones, in estuaries and river crossings. We provide propmt receiving of high-quality geophysical data in areas with complex geological structure.

Modeling and interpretation, carried out by our specialists, allows us to show our clients high quality results of studies of the sedimentary cover.



seismic on the seafloor

"Seismo-Shelf" develops and manufactures its own autonomous seabed seismic modules "Turtle-500" and "Sea Lion", with characteristics similar to foreign analogues.

We constantly update and upgrade our equipment, which allows us to react quickly to the increasing demands of our customers.