Seismic Data Modelling Complex

    Seismo-Shelf Ltd. has its own hardware and software system for physical modeling of seismic wave fields. This system is a computerized system for injection and recording of multicomponent ultrasonic vibrations in the random structure models. The system comprises a CNC system of 2D positioning of piezoelectric ceramic converter enabling their deployment and transfer both on the upper surface of solid models and in aqueous media. The equipment enables injection and recording ultrasonic signals in the range of 60 kHz to 3 MHz, the frequency range can be extended, if required. The system is equipped with more than 20 piezoelectric ceramic converters of different structure, including multicomponent receivers with a small contact area.


     All the manufactured equipment has compliance certificates and own equipment has undergone metrological examination in D. I. Mendeleyev Institute for Metrology (VNIIM).


    The system has proven successful at research and development under the project "Developing the electronic atlas for wave fields of typical geological models of consolidated crust (based on physical modeling results) as a basis for the interpretation of deep seismic surveys on supporting profiles".