Company profile

    Seismo-Shelf Ltd. is one of the leading geophysical companies in Russia engaged in seismic and engineering surveys in technically complex areas such as offshore, sea/land transition zones, estuaries, highly cultivated areas, etc.


    Our customers enjoy the benefits of the whole seismic survey operation cycle that come from a wide range of services which include survey program development, survey execution using self-developed equipment, data acquisition and primary processing, modeling and results interpretation.


    The infrastructure and equipment as well as our great experience in seismic surveys allow us to offer our customers a wide range of various services such as:

  • 2D/3D MC ocean bottom seismic offshore;

  • 2D/3D MC ocean bottom seismic in shallow waters, sea/land transition zones and on the coast;

  • Seismic monitoring in water areas;

  • Technological support for seismic operations in water areas;

  • Engineering surveys in water areas and sea/land transition zones;

  • Physical modeling;

  • Geophysical data processing and interpretation.