About Us

    Seismo-Shelf Ltd. was founded in 2009 as part of implementing the strategy of the President of the Russian Federation aimed at modernizing Russian economy and creating an innovative sector.

    Russian Venture Company (RVC), Russian Foundation for Technological Development, Allianz ROSNO Asset Management (trustee of New Technologies Closed-End Fund of Especially Risky (Venture) Investments), Leader (trustee of Leader-Innovations Closed-End Fund of Especially Risky (Venture) Investments) were involved in establishing and financing our company at different stages.
    Within this strategy, Seismo-Shelf has become one of the first Russian companies that apply 4C ocean bottom seismic techniques focused on using Russian equipment and, in particular, self-developed ocean bottom nodes.
    Our company has implemented a seamless seismic profiling method in areas of increased complexity – on borders of land and adjacent shelf areas. 

    Today, Seismo-Shelf is a Russian geophysical surveying company that uses advanced innovative methods for seismic surveys.


    Seismo-Shelf conducts seismic operations in offshore and transition zones with complex geological geometry or structure and other complex areas (rivers, marshes) as well as engineering surveys in the coastal areas.

    As part of services rendered, Seismo-Shelf offers full-cycle geophysical operations ranging from planning to result processing as well as data interpretation and modeling.

    Seismo-Shelf closely cooperates with the leading Russian institutes constantly enhancing its infrastructure and equipment. Thanks to regular active participation in activity of the European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers (EAGE), Seismo-Shelf has an opportunity to apply the latest developments.
    Since its foundation, Seismo-Shelf has completed over 20 projects of different levels of complexity both for leading Russian companies and within the frame of international projects.

    Seismo-Shelf was the first to start developing ocean bottom nodes in Russia. In 2009, 2010 and 2013, the company produced the «Turtle» and «Dina» autonomous ocean bottom nodes for seismic surveys.


    These ocean bottom nodes (OBN) are not inferior in performance to their foreign counterparts. Their technical characteristics are well-proven by geophysical surveys in real projects. The Turtle-500 models are manufactured to meet the requirements of the Russian industry.
    In 2016, Seismo-Shelf is planning to launch the full-rate production of Turtle-500 ocean bottom nodes in the latest version which will be highly autonomous and equipped with advanced technological services.
    Today, Seismo-Shelf is an associated player of import substitution under the control of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation in view of technologies and equipment for the fuel and energy sector and included in the list of strategic fuel and energy sector companies.