Our advantages

    All main achievements of Seismo-Shelf Ltd. are based on the fullest application of our advantages featuring the following key points:




    Our company has been carrying out more or less challenging operations requested by our customers for more than five years. Seismo-Shelf Ltd. has participated in more than twenty projects associated with different types of services. Among our customers are the leading Russian companies such as Rosneft Oil Company, Gazprom Neft, Lukoil, Federal Subsoil Resources Management Agency, Sovkomflot, etc. Our company closely cooperates with the leading national institutes, namely Saint Petersburg State University, Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas, G. V. Plekhanov Saint Petersburg Mining Institute that allow the company to actively develop and apply the latest achievements and inventions. The company's backbone is formed by employees who gained a great experience working in different geophysical companies. Today, the company employs four PhD and one Doctor of Science. 90% of employees have higher education.


    Turnkey Approach


    We render full-cycle seismic surveys covering all steps from planning to results processing. Our complete set of services results from close cooperation of three mutually supportive business units: specialized equipment (OBN) production, surveys and results analysis, results interpretation and physical/mathematical modeling. Our company additionally offers associated services such as seismic operations monitoring in water areas and provides seismic equipment (autonomous OBN) for rent.




    This is one of the most important advantages of our company. For the period of surveys, all seismic equipment is supplied to the survey location in standard containers and requires minimum space for arrangement on board the ship. For surveying in shallow waters, the specialized (equipped with launch/recovery systems) small fleet and seismic equipment are also supplied in containers. A base vessel required for survey is rented on site. This approach provides high efficiency due to reduced time of mobilization and low mobilization expenses.


    Dina and Turtle Ocean Bottom Stations


    These are advanced self-developed seismic equipment. These ocean bottom stations are not inferior in performance to their foreign counterparts, but are cost-effective since they mainly use Russian-origin components. Ocean bottom stations are constantly updated and modernized while in service that allows the company to use the most advanced equipment for OBS production and, consequently, to respond expeditiously to any changes in our customers' requirements to quality.


    Dense seismic on the seafloor ℠ Technology (DenSoS ℠)


    This technology developed by Seismo-Shelf Ltd. gives an opportunity to plot a seamless seismic section on the border of land and adjacent shelf areas. According to this technology, seismic receivers are arranged not on towed streamers (as in standard marine survey), but on the seabed. This allows to record a reacher wave field. The Dense Seismic on the Seafloor technology offers the following advantages:

  • Suitable for application in a wide range of depths including offshore and coastal areas;

  • No special-purpose vessels and expensive specialized equipment are required;

  • Option to plot seamless land/sea profiles;

  • Easy adapting to bottom contour including areas with underwater infrastructure;

  • Technology-specific option to extend and increase a number of data recording lines;

  • Relatively low cost of operations due to high level of standardization and automation.